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Why is Painted Furniture so popular?

Why is Painted Furniture so popular?

Have you noticed the rise in popularity of painted home furniture? The trend is really gathering speed, and if you ask us, it’s not hard to see why.

This kind of furniture can add something to a room that nothing else could. If you still need to be persuaded, we’ve put together a list of reasons why painted furniture has become so popular.

1. Sometimes, You Need Greater Simplicity

Simplicity is something that shouldn’t be underrated when decorating your home with new furniture. The tables, sideboards and dressers available in the store show just how effective a simple design can be when the right items are purchased. Sometimes, it’s just what your home needs.

2. It Breaks the Conventions

For a long time, oak furniture items were predominant in home design. That’s why many people turn to painted home furniture to break this convention and try something new in the home. It offers a finish that’s a little more interesting and unique, and breaking conventions is always fun.

3. It Can Add Light to a Dark Room

Furniture that’s painted white can add a lot of light to a room, making it feel more bright and welcoming. If your home feels a little dark at the moment, this could be the change you need. You can find examples on this page. The white furniture will reflect light and improve the entire space.

4. It Displays Craft and Care

Hand-painted furniture is made by real people with real craft, and that’s something that you can recognise in a home. That handmade touch can really bring life to a room. It shows that real care has been dedicated to decorating your home, and swerves away from that mass-produced appearance of many homes.

5. It’s Clean and Attractive

The most important thing about your furniture is that it looks good. Everything else is secondary. The clean lines and attractive finish offered by painted furniture are two of the reasons why these items are becoming so popular right now. This is what many people are now looking for in terms of home design.

6. It Adds a Warm and Cosy Atmosphere to the Room

Painted furniture items have that timeless appeal, and part of the reason for that is the warm and cosy atmosphere they lend to a room. The examples you can see here demonstrate that. The right painted furniture item can make a home truly feel like a home, and that’s what every homeowner wants.

7. It Can be Used as an Up cycling Technique Too

Finally, you should remember that a simple oak furniture piece can be turned into something beautiful with a lick of paint. This is known as upcycling, and it has very good implications for the environment. It’s another reason why so many people are turning to painted furniture pieces for their home.

Browse the range in depth if you want to add a newly painted furniture item to your home for any (or all) of the reasons mentioned above.