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Mid-Century Modern Furniture Style

Mid-Century Modern Furniture Style

What Furniture Style is Mid-Century Modern?

If we had to choose two words that characterise Mid-Century Modern style, we’d opt for ‘simplicity’ and ‘functionality’. Lines are sleek and uncluttered, curves abound and legs are tapered. The cool colour palette encompasses dusky greys, blues and teals with a smattering of colour pops such as burnt orange, mustard and olive green. Sumptuous fabrics such as velvet are utilised and prints are geometric. In essence, beautifully crafted beautifully crafted Mid-Century Modern furniture has minimal ornamentation and a clean, alluring appeal.

Brown Leather Arm Chair


When Did the Mid-Century Design Movement Start?

The design movement was initiated by the Bauhaus architects and designers who migrated from Germany to America after WWII and it lasted through to around the mid 1960s. The economic upheaval of the war created different needs as American cities recovered and grew. Modern homes were often built quite quickly and new home furnishings emerged alongside this developing style. At the same time, technological advances spawned new materials, leading to the creation of new textures, colours and effects.

Pendle Chair


Why is Mid-Century Modern Style Still Popular?

Mid-Century Modern is not the only retro style that is still popular. The Art Deco style, for example, became en vogue in the late 1960s. In common with Mid-Century Modern, there was a resurgent interest in the furniture style a generation later when the terms ‘Mid-Century Modern’ and ‘Art Deco’ were created. Many people have a fascination with these eras, when there were progressive changes in society and the period produced many style icons in the worlds of art, film, fashion, design and architecture.

Solid Oak Desk

Above: Tambour Solid Oak Desk

How to Furnish in Mid-Century Modern Style

Mid-Century Modern furniture pieces are well-designed and have a timeless look, which is why so many furniture-makers have embraced its clean lines. It sits well both in contemporary and period properties. Buying vintage furniture is possible but this can be quite a daunting prospect for new home-owners or renters, especially if one is new to the genre. Authentic pieces can prove to be quite expensive and there are more affordable ways to achieve a similar result. It is perhaps more important to understand the distinguishing features of the style and find pieces that echo it within your budget and lifestyle needs. Furniture from this era has been replicated and adapted time and time again so it’s well worth looking around the Mid-Century Modern collection at Furniture4YourHome.

Salisbury Leisure Chair


Will Mid-Century Modern Style Stay On Trend?

Retro style furniture will always be alluring to a new generation and in the case of Mid-Century Modern, familiarity is also a factor. Baby Boomers are a part of the market for both the originals and the reproductions whilst their grandchildren are a generation living in generally smaller, urban post-war properties. The designs were conceived for the smaller, post-war home and are relatively lightweight and easier to move from one home to another. It is likely that the shift towards mobility and smaller homes will continue.

Comfy Chair and Side Table