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Five Top Kitchen Trends for 2022

Five Top Kitchen Trends for 2022

A new kitchen is an investment that most of us take our time to think through, as the chances are it will be in situ for some years to come. There’s a plethora of styles to choose from along with a commensurate amount of advice. Add to the mix the latest trends in kitchen design and the experience can become quite overwhelming. The good news is that there are some themes coming through for 2022 which will put your kitchen design in good stead for years to come, enabling you to tweak it here and there in the future without having to start from scratch again. Read on for more inspiration!

1. The Wooden Kitchen

Wooden kitchens have of course been around for as long as kitchens themselves have. The difference in 2022 is the manner in which designers are celebrating the connection with nature and creating kitchens that really bring out the beauty and warmth of wood. The styles will focus on the different textures whilst new treatments will showcase the beauty and unique qualities of different kinds of timber.

Large Oak Dresser


2. The Mix and Match Kitchen

Combining furniture from different sources and ranges is a great opportunity to get creative, but some may find the challenge daunting. A statement piece in a bold colour such as the butcher’s block below can look fantastic against a neutral background such as wood, or against neutral kitchen units like blue. Mixing textures or recycling existing furniture such as old wood shelving from the garage or reconditioned chairs is on trend as are all matters connected with re-using materials and taking care of our planet.

Kitchen Island on Wheels


3. The Bold Kitchen

The trend towards bold kitchen colours has been gaining momentum for some time and now there is an expansion in the number of shades being used, with burgundy and forest green joining navy as top-ranking colours. Green is continuing to increase in popularity and we expect to see a return to more heritage shades at the darker end of the palette during 2022. Statement features such as textured worktops, smoked glass cabinets and metallic accents can be used to add interest.

Blue Kitchen Dresser


4. The Kitchen Home Office

A home office can be tucked away in just about any corner of the home and the kitchen is no exception. With working from home set to become a permanent feature of many households, kitchen designers are starting to incorporate the home office into many people’s plans. Furniture4YourHome can help you to achieve your desired home office style with bespoke furniture available in a multitude of colours and other options. If you do not see what you’re looking for on our website, pop into our Hertford showroom or chat through the options with us by calling 01992 353550.

Mottisfont Twin Pedestal Desk


5. Front Vented Cabinets

Kitchen larder cupboards or pantries, have rocketed up the list of priorities for high-end kitchen designers, not simply because of their unique position as both a heritage and contemporary piece of furniture. They add versatility through being mobile and can be painted in a different colour from the rest of the kitchen, thereby creating a statement or accent piece. The addition of vents creates an ideal environment for storage of vegetables and also adds a design interest reminiscent of a bygone era that fits well in both period and contemporary properties.

Solid Oak Larder Cupboard